Why We Are Different


Our clients credit risk changes daily and their credit insurance coverage needs to be constantly modified to reflect this. The skills required to place and manage credit risk are totally different to those required in the more orthodox, general classes of insurance. At CRS we adopt a very 'hands on' approach, working in partnership with Finance Directors and their credit management teams.


The person who negotiated your credit insurance policy is likely to retain an involvement with your business for many years to come. Ours is a seamless service. We advocate a team approach to looking after our clients - you will always be able to talk to someone who knows, and can talk sensibly about your policy.


Our business has no external funding or debt and our growth has been financed purely from cash flow. As a result we are not beholden to third parties who do not understand the credit insurance product and can focus on delivering exceptional service to our clients.


Our people know the market and our relationships with underwriters have been forged over many years. Our ability to call on past experience pays dividends for our clients – asking better questions allows us to deliver better solutions for our clients.