Global Solutions

CRS has established links to a world-wide alliance of specialist credit insurance brokers working together to support the requirements of clients having subsidiary or associated companies overseas. See

Whether it's the need to have a locally placed cover in local language for an overseas subsidiary or the placement of a complex multi-territory programme, CRS and its alliance partners are well-equipped to mirror the way you operate, or want to operate......thinking globally and acting locally.

These are some the questions that CRS and its partners are able to answer for you:

  • Do you know what credit insurance coverage is held across your Group and the total cost of it?
  • Are you receiving optimum value from the way that the credit insurance programmes across your Group are currently established?
  • Are you aware of your Group's aggregated exposure to key international risks?
  • Overall, could you be paying less for a co-ordinated programme whilst gaining better credit limit coverage and the other benefits of economies of scale?
  • Could the programme incorporate a reasonably large deductible?
  • Can I integrate my Captive Insurance Company with credit insurance?
  • What are the disadvantages of a global programme? For example, would I lose the benefits of local intelligence with a global programme?

CRS and its partners are able to discuss your requirements with you, and then design, implement
and service the credit insurance programme that is best suited to you and your Group.

Contact us to discuss how we can help.