How We Do It

Credit insurance is a transactional tool, continually used by clients to measure and transfer credit risk. Many of our clients therefore contact us on a daily basis – we are regarded as an extension of their own credit management teams.

Our approach is hands-on and involves very experienced people with great underwriting relationships – individuals who combine enthusiasm with technical skills and trade sector knowledge.

Understanding your needs

Initially we listen to you. We can't expect to offer the right solutions unless we learn about your company, your approach to managing credit and your future plans. The listening and learning process is essential. Understanding your business issues and asking better questions will enable us to deliver better answers from insurers.

Quality submissions

We pride ourselves in making what we believe to be the best submissions in the market – working closely with you to understand your customer profile, credit management procedures and previous experience. This process is not undertaken at arm’s length - we meet with, discuss and persuade underwriters to offer the most favorable terms. The aim is to create market appetite giving our clients choices and achieving long term solutions.