What We Do

Initially we listen. We can't expect to offer the right solutions unless we learn about your company, your approach to managing credit and your future plans.

We'll probably work with you in collating some details relating to previous bad debt history and your customer profile. The listening and learning process is essential. Understanding your business issues and asking better questions will enable us to deliver better answers from credit insurers.

We pride ourselves on making what we believe to be the best submissions in the market - giving underwriters all the information they need. This process is not undertaken at arms length - we meet with, discuss and persuade underwriters to offer the most favourable terms. The process is about creating market appetite - achieving long term solutions for our clients and our underwriters.

Once we have negotiated a credit insurance facility we'll regularly meet with you to discuss all your issues. We believe in partnership and total transparency with our clients and we also welcome feedback. Every year you will receive a questionnaire asking you to rate both CRS and your Underwriter on service levels.